Google could be taking steps to ensure Android security updates are taken a lot more seriously.

The company said at one of its sessions at Google I/O that it would start requiring manufacturers to push regular security updates.

Google is getting a little more serious about security updates. The company held its annual Google I/O developer conference*in Mountain View, California, May 8-10, where it revealed that it would be working on ways to make it easier for manufacturers to bring security updates to their phones.

Perhaps even more important is the fact that Google will be tweaking the agreement it has with manufacturers to include security updates ó meaning that contractually, to use the official version of Android, manufacturers may have to stay up-to-date with the latest Android patches.

Google releases security updates every month, and normally manufacturers get the patches a month in advance ó which is why some manufacturers are able to release the updates on the same day as Google.

To date, however, Google hasnít required companies to push updates to their devices, though larger companies often push the updates to their flagship devices.

It was recently reported that some manufacturers had been telling customers that their phones were up to date when they werenít ó and thatís something Google probably wants to avoid.

If Google does move ahead in ensuring manufacturers stick to security updates, it could help make all official Android devices around the world a lot more secure ó which is a big deal in an era of hacks and data mining.