Little-known candidate Henry Bolton has been elected as the new leader of Ukip in a shock result.

Mr Bolton is a former Liberal Democrat and was not considered the front-runner in Friday's vote.

‘Frankly, seeking to blame one section of our community for society’s ills is not patriotism; it’s a form of totalitarianism that goes against everything UKIP as a political force has ever achieved. UKIP was set up to fight the ‘totalitarian’ effects of EU influence on British society. Therefore, I will not sit back and watch the party be hijacked by those who seek to now seize on our success to drive forward their own agenda.’


Mr Bolton has previously cautioned against the dangers of ‘left-wing extremism’.

He said earlier this year: ‘So called political correctness is deterring the expression of legitimate opinions.
‘Left-wing extremists seek to re-write our history, tear down our monuments and condemn anyone who raises a voice in protest.