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Thread: Sky Q and freesat or multiroom

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    Sky Q and freesat or multiroom

    Have a single sky dish installation for freesat or old Sky HD multiroom receivers (non subscription) and you are thinking of having SkyQ installed?

    Unless you have a hybrid Lnb installed with the Sky Q installation, the freesat and Sky HD receivers will no longer receive a satellite signal as the Sky Q receivers use a higher frequency Lnb.

    The tuners in the SkyQ box are full frequency band capable. They do not have the capability to band and polarisation switch a standard ku band universal Lnb as there's no 13/18V switching. (The box spec says only 12V power is available), The new Lnb sends all horizontally polarised transponders down one cable and the vertical ones down the other. That's how two cables can feed 12 tuners.

    Apparently Sky started fitting hybrid Lnbs for the early installations at the beginning of SkyQ roll out but now it seems the engineers only fit standard full frequency Lnbs unless a hybrid Lnb is on the installation form and was requested and agreed with Sky at the time of ordering!!
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