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Thread: Problems with Hotbird transponder 12476

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    Problems with Hotbird transponder 12476

    I did a blind scan on Hotbird 13 with my Ultimo and it found 1888 channels, including 11 on transponder 12476. My satellite dish is 90cm. Almost all of the channels are received with excellent signal strength, but those on 12476 come in with signal strength zero. I have tried both tuners on the Ultimo. I have replaced the cable to the LNB with a much more expensive one. I have tried 3 different LNBs. I have installed the latest firmware on the Ultimo. Still signal strength zero in 12476, which is very annoying indeed, as my favorite channel just moved there. I live in Essex next door to a telephone exchange, and one mile from a huge radio mast. Any suggestions as to what might be the cause?

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    Just checked and signal on that TP is OK, S64 Q85
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