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    Lnb Skew

    To get the best signal from your Lnb on a fixed dish system you will need to Skew your Lnb for 1 west if this is your reference satellite you will need very little Skew maybe 1 O'Clock at the most,
    Skew is the rotating of the Lnb in the Lnb holder whilst viewing a signal meter to achieve maximum signal,1st loosen the clamps that hold the Lnb in place then adjust your Skew afterward tighten up the clamp,
    The further the satellite is from the reference satellite the more skew will be required so Arabsat/Badr-4 will require the Lnb to be turned as you stand in front of the dish to between 3 & 4 O'Clock again use a signal meter while doing any adjustments to your Lnb,

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Motorized Systems <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<,
    Always move your dish to your reference satellite before you carry out any adjustment to your Lnb on a motorized system,

    For a Motorized system your Lnb should be at 12.0'Clock for maximum signal but you may find that 12.15 gives you a better signal that's why you need the signal meter,

    You can also check that the Lnb is in the correct position in the Lnb Holder,
    Try Furthest forward then furthest back again whilst viewing a signal meter once you have achieved maximum signal tighten up the Lnb clamp,

    If you do not have a signal meter you can use the Quality Signal bars on your satellite receiver just make sure that you or some one else can see the signal bars after each adjustment to make sure that you are improving your signal,

    The life of an Lnb is varied some last for 5 to 10 years others not so long the Lnb's available today are much better than a decade ago so for 15 it is worth changing if your signal is not as strong as it was a few years back,
    But this could also be due to your dish set up so refer to the guides here for more info.

    Improve your dish set up here >> for even better signals
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